Thursday, July 03, 2008

family matters and spiderman and his amazing friends

ok so apprently robert rodriguez and rose mcgowen are not over and they are still planing a barbrella remake. there is no god.

I was watching tv last nite and came across family matters on nick at nite. Which they just recently brought on.
The show works alot better then alot of those family sitcoms from the 90's. Full house is practically unwatchable. but this show has lots of wackness and fun. also it does over do it with a message or anything.
I think urkle is basically doing bugs bunny. the best part of that show is carl and urkle playing off each other.
anyway yeah check it out it's on nick at nite.

when they run out of super hero movie ideas. remake this. you know come on it would be coo.


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