Thursday, June 26, 2008

dethklok is the awesome and RULEZZZZZZZZZZ

I saw Dethklok last nite. They were really coo. Seriously it was a good show. Not only did they rock and rocking out to them next to the moshpit. Which at one point was insanely crazy. actually for like alot of songs it was crazy. So yeah they did bring it.
While the band played there was a video going that was so awesome you wanted to stop pounding your metal sign in air adn just watch it. It even had a little bit of a story too. It looked like they spent alot of time on it. Like alot of time. In fact if they released it on a dvd or just an extra feature or something i would totally buy it. Also some of the videos i think were extended versions but not sure.
The band didn't get to talk much between songs but there were vidoes going in between songs and stuff. I think they just wanted us to watch the videos. And really they amount and skill of the videos made up for that. but they did talk at the end. and it was awesome.
Honestly i had an awesome great time and if you like the show this is a great thing to go to.

I know adult swim commented on why baltimore isn't sold out. And also made an awesome Omar joke too. But anyway point is the place they picked to play sucks. Rams Head is probably not the best place. Baltimore is a better place to play a small venue. People in baltimore know this but mostly its cause rams head sucks that they're not going. If you weren't from there it probably looks like a good place but i'm sure they'll maybe place some were else next time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it did sell out. did you miss the signs at the front door and at the box office?

and do your research - the show isn't about the band. It's about the show.

i was there too and thought that it was the perfect venue and an incredible show.

6:48 AM

Blogger dan said...

it was great seeing you there dude. I really enjoyed that show. The performers were awesome, and I really enjoyed the show they put on. A+++ would go to again!

1:44 PM


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