Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hulk and cletus

so um the hulk wasn't that great. ok it wasn't horriable. it was ok. But it does kinda lead to what the avengers hulk will be. so in some ways i'm ok with this. As a movie viewer maybe not as much.
There were parts about it that were coo. The stan lee cameo was good.
Ok really this movie comes down to one thing. i never really liked the hulk. but the few i read are like this movie. does that make it a bad movie in someways it doesn't. But I didn't really care about Iron man and now i love him.
so really this is for people who like the hulk if you don't like the hulk then don't see this.
And yes it is better then the 2003 one.

I thought this episode was lame but i re watched it and liked it more. I think it was a coo one. Espically Jordan. The end theme is one of my personal favorites.


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