Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lil wayne and cletus

today is obviously Lil Wayne's with his incredibly highly anticapted album Carter 3 today. will it be any good. Who knows. Diddy seems to like it. But will he deliver. I'm hoping so. I have faith but the guy has dropped a ton of great stuff on mix tapes but at the same time has he given away all his best stuff on them. I don't know but i'll hit up a review when i feel i can review it you know.
It's crazy that this guy is gonna have the biggest first week this year. The least will be 700k but the possiablty of doing a million is there. However knowing the current economic situation i doubt thats possiable anymore. anyway yeah.

the second cletus about the drink sparks. this one is alot funnier but i think the other one is better. ummm thats it enjoy


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