Friday, June 06, 2008

random note

On my continuing conversion of all my vhs. which should be over in like 2009. seriously i have too many vhs. anyway

I remember my parents made me go to this youth group for this church they belonged too. And I really thought everyone was stupid. But i realized now they were cause i remembered this quote from one of them.

"The wallflowers are great. They're way better then Bob Dylan"

girl behind him

"oh yeah totally better then bob dylan"

If i see you in the street who ever said that i'm gonna remind u cause that was really dumb. even at the time but well actually i think at any point of time that is kind of a dumb comment. even if you don't like bob dylan the wallflowers were never ever better. and even like bad 90's dylan is better then the wallflowers oooooooo suck it fuckforce wins


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