Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Twin peaks and John Waters (1994)

Twin Peaks was a great show. well ok ok twin peaks was a great show for a season and a bunch of episodes in the second season.
Anyway i watch the first season this weekend and it was still really fucking good. might be my favorite thing David Lynch has done. second to eraserhead.
Whats really crazy is this show was a hit. like a big hit for a little bit. I don't know how. it kinda perplexes me. they even got a rolling stone cover.

Watching twin peaks now is strange for two reasons the first is cause it's twin peaks. the second is cause Kyle MacLachlan now mainly does chick shows. like sex and the city and desperate housewives. In fact for years most people thought of him as lynch's actor. He was for a time a really weird actor. but i guess now he's a weird actor on mainstream chick shows now.

Twin peaks is great. and if you havn't seen it then your missing out. it's not that big of an investment. you'll probably see more episodes of the wire in a season then'll you'll watch of twin peaks so netflicks that shit.

also how many shows have dwarfs that talk funny in some weird ass room. huh you have to see it for that.

I found this on mtv's site. kurt loader is putting alot of his favorite interviews online. this is John Waters when serial mom came out. it's intresting to watch now.
Also congrats to John Waters for having a second broadway hit and all those tony nominations. I'm waiting for pink flamingoes on broadway or at least polyester.


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