Friday, May 16, 2008

akira and cletus

I watch akira last nite. I havn't seen it in a while. I still remember when i first saw it. When the clown guy drove over one of the other guys arms that was fucking crazy.
This film also reminds me alot of comics like watchmen and dark knight returns. with the view of the future being in complete chaos. I've notice now it's always a utopian society in the future. but regan will do that to ya.
Some of the sequences are breath taking. the opening with the bike gangs is crazy. most of the awesome stuff is when they'll show something in one shot. which even in animation you'd probably try and put more cuts in there or something.
anyway akira is awesome. it takes me back to a time when anime was less focused on teens and more foused on more adult stuff. and that was coo.
I don't know if this the greatest anime ever made but it certainly is up there and i doubt you could make a list like that without akira.

yeah another cletus episode. this one was toical in like 2004. so now its out of date and frankly it's just an ok but i like the end theme. but hey it can't be great all the time.


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