Thursday, May 01, 2008

nockforce and summer movies

the nockforce site is down for reasons that i can't explain but the myspace and the the yout tube are still working so you can still watch and listen to nockFORCE.

apprently alot of people seem to think that the summer blockbuster is Dead. Well understand this hollywood is very good at adapting itself to the changing times. If summer blockbusters that were big in the past don't work in the current time they simply make films that the present audience can relate to. So we don't live in a great economic 90's time period where men in black opens and does really well. Yeah so that won't come out. get it.
The blockbuster isn't dead. when Iron man does what it does i will know i'm right.just cause some director learned to make a darker film. doesn't mean shit. i know you love batman begins but really come on 2 villians and tons of movie stars. it's almost like batman forever. oooooo that sucks that i can compare those doesn't it. i'll still see dark knight though. just shut up about how it's not a blockbuster. batman is owned by a major corperation get over it.

also this was funny and approperate


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