Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Punishment Park

so to really explain this film i guess i have to explain the plot. but i know people hate having to read through that shit when reading a review. well if you want to know the plot go here for a long ass but well thought out plot explanation. But the short version theres a park where they take counterculture prisoners in a fiction 1971 and have them go on a long trek and basically shot them and beat them up. they also have trials before they go out in the park. Which alot of which is based in fact. which is really great because thats so of the scariest parts.
The way this is made from a perspective of an english camera crew is really great. I love how much like news footage they made it look. this works really well because the news was really well watched at the time. probably making it ever more shocking then.
I think this film brings up alot of stuff that government does do and can do. But regardless of your political beliefs it's a good film and an intense film. I really didn't even notice that i watched 40 minutes of the film. it felt like 10. the film moves and works like most good films do.
I seriously recomend this film but i seriously doubt blockbuster has this.


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