Thursday, April 24, 2008

guess what movie marvel has in development

yes i'm serious. Apprently marvel is considering this. I saw a list of everything that marvel wants to make in to a movie. I guess it would do well with families but don't they remember the box office for shark boy and lava girl. I guess maybe.
What makes this even stranger is that they also made a live action pilot for the power pack in the early 90's after the comic series was cancelled.

I don't understand why they think this is a valuable property considering how much of a joke that title is. I used to make fun of it it comic shops for years and people would love it like power pack where did that come from.
I don't know frankly i always thought the new mutants was a better series. espically the first 50 issues. but i guess nobody wants to make that in to a movie.
but that can't stop me from posting an awesome new mutants pic.

actually new mutants had better covers that. and looking for new mutants on google image search i found alot of good ones most by Bill Sienkiewicz and espically the demon bear stuff. which unforently barely anyone remebers. i should probably do a different post of just Sienkiewicz new mutant covers but i'll give u one more new mutants covers thats coo.


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