Thursday, May 15, 2008

90210 keeps the traditon alive and keeps riping off degrassi also cletus

90210 the new re vamp of the 90210 series. which i guess is almost like a next generation of a previous teen hit. yeah so they totally ripped off degrassi even some of the cast members look similair.
Fact is the orignal beverly hills 90210 was made because Aaron spelling tryed to buy the rights to degrassi. and got turned down so he made his own show. all though his show wasn't as good it made alot more money.
But i think since right now the current degrassi series is really big. so will kids be dumb enough not to figure it out well hey the snorks was on for a while right.

Yes i'm trying to put up all the cletus the fetus episodes on you tube. sometimes it takes a while cause of techincal stuff. but i think they will be all up by the end of the summer.
This episode was coo cause banana oil did the voices of prince and julia stiles. i really wanted to get them to co voices and they did. one of them dan dussault did the commercial guys voice in nockforce. also watch til the very end.


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