Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Spiderman and obama and also movie goers are old now

man if obama doesn't pick spiderman as a running mate. like that would be stupid if he didn't. see he wears both blue and red he can get people who are loyal to both parties.

other then that not much going on.

I posted a cletus last nite to discover the audio was out of synch i'll fix that tonite. but it's down now so wait til later

So sex and the city and indiana jones have done something that a summer movie never does. be a hit without a huge teenage following. exit polls for both are getting older people. Sex and the city getting women in there 20's and above. indiana jones getting people in there 20's and above.
Kinda coo that the summer blockbuster season is kinda changing. I'm sure they're not writing off teens all together. but maybe we don't need to rely on them as much.
This is also good for another reason. Teens ususally see a movie in it's first week and then thats it. older movie goers will go a few weeks later. so yeah i'm sure this trend will continue with don't mess with the zohan this coming weekend


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