Friday, May 30, 2008

mst3k and cletus

Mystrey science theater 3000 is one of the longest running shows in cable history the thing had like 10 season. I watched a bunch of these lately. All though the show is really funny and a great show. I can understand why it got cancelled twice.
First of all the show is 2 hours long. really hard to program cause it will eat up double or 4 times the programming time that a regular show would.
The ratings which would usually stay at one point for a while and then go down which is also a problem.
Frankly mst3k had a good run for this show to have 10 seasons and almost 200 episodes is simply amazing. we have nothing to complain about.
Comedy central did pick it up for 24 episodes a season for 3 seasons. thats fucking nuts that a weird cult show got that order. Comedy Central did treat the show well. Giving it tons of marathons and all sorts of stuff.
sure they got a 7 episode season once but all the other ones were like a crazy amount and the show was in it's 7th season when it got so few episodes.
I get this was the first show to have a cult following fight to get it to stay on. but it did have a good run and alot of people like to put that down to talk about how networks were bad too it. frankly if networks were that bad too it. it wouldn't have 10 seasons.

This one makes fun of michael phelps. I do kinda not like michael phelps mostly cause he acted like an complete asshole after he went to the olmypics the first time. I actually really like to watch him on tv. but as a person he sucks. but this is kinda more funny about that. i like the unicorn too


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