Thursday, May 29, 2008

wild cats and cletus

man i remember when this issue first came out. Jim lee was as big as i think any ever could be at that time. People would buy anything that he drew.
But it didn't last and wild cats has lost much of it's popularity since then.
I don't think it helped that Jim lee just ripped off the x-men when he was creating wild cats you can even look at them and name the characters he's taking from.
I remember this comic was good at the begining but that didn't last very long.

Then they made a tv show of it. I bring that up cause i recently saw some of them. Made for cbs as a way to get viewers away from x-men (suprise suprise). It screams of that. In fact it's very similair in style and animation as that show.
All though fox's 90's x-men show defently has it's flaws. Wild cats is way worse and shows you probably should wait longer before making a comic into a show. Going to quickly you can burn yourself out.
Much like Spawn and gen 13. actually i guess image did really have that problem.

anyway yeah wild cats

Alot of people don't like this episode. or didn't at the time. frankly the whole 2004 election was dumb. John Kerry sucked but at the time no one would say that in fact people would get mad if you said that. But if you knew then that like he had no chance in hell of winning like ever. i mean come on. jeezz. anyway i like this episode short sweet and to the point. also good charlotte come back in this one


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