Thursday, June 05, 2008

pop soundtracks to movies

I'm currently converting my vhs collection to dvd so thats why i'm on such a nostelgia kick lately.


I remember when summer movies would come out and the other coo thing about them was the soundtracks. And they would be blockbuster soundtracks with tons of huge artists. about three or four would put actual good songs on there so they could be the big singles. then the rest would be b-sides they sold off or some groups that were kinda big but not really that big.
Then the videos for the big single would have some crazy insane budget with all sorts of special effects with movie clips.
I seriously would watch a video even if i hated the song to see clips. actually i only did that when the first spiderman came out. which is kinda of embrassing but i was really excited.
now soundtracks are either smaller bands or old material. i guess we can thank pulp fiction and american graffiti for that one.
There were two soundtrack of this era that were intresting ideas. maybe not excacuted very well but they were good ideas. The soundtrack for a movie i forget but it combined rap and rock groups to make songs together. most of which sucked. Then the spawn soundtrack which wanted to be as dated as humanly possiably by combining techno and rock groups. I'm not sure if that was a good idea but it's a fun thing to look back on. here's filter with the crystal method.


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