Friday, June 13, 2008

lil wayne and more

ok last lil wayne post.
The question everyone asks is. is it any good? well yes infact i might put a fuck yes after that. is it perfect. well come on guys nobodys perfect.
the album is a star making mc album. lil wayne is all ready a star but this makes it stick. his flow is crazy almost all the songs are tight. sorry i alway skip track 9. also it fills the whole cd and you get a bonus disc.
If you like rap and recently it hasn't been that much fun pick this up and have some fun again. This is the new big mc and we should get used to it. well thats what i learned anyway.
Also the let the beat build is fucking awesome coo album seriously.

so nockforce is gonna be on this internet radio thing and they made a promo that is fucking awesome and i like it so much i'm putting it on both my blog and the nockforce one. check the link for more infro


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