Friday, June 20, 2008

the old days of tape trading

Currently I have been going through my incredibly lenghy vhs collection and converting them to dvd. Having to actually watch all the various crap I've recorded over the years is a big nostelga trip.
It reminds me of a time when VHS was king and to get your favorite shows newest season meant getting an episode guide from the internet and recording. Same with the music videos. Now you can just buy a collection. Back in the 90's you would have to know what songs got videos made. Then what videos actually get aired. Cause even huge bands have videos that don't get aired that much. It was crazy.
Then to get stuff you didn't have you'd tape trade with a friend who did have stuff you wanted or just cause you were nice. Mystrey Science Theater 3000 had a huge tape trading following. Me and my friend Evan would tape trade through the intrenet with people from where ever. We have some pretty nice episode because of it. Even special marathon airings and stuff. See Airings that used to matter.
Of course to get in to tape trading you havn't to have something that was kinda and rare and one you did people wanted it. Or just something coo.
I had several music videos tapes that people would start copying before i filled them up. which is weird that in someones parents basement in baltimore theres a different version of a tape i made in 96.
I made a tape for a girl in middle school with all the marilyn manson stuff i had. I had some good stuff a interview special at least 4 videos. so it was a good tape. I kinda had a thing for her. Turned out she was going out with this chick at the time. We actually sat together in like every class and she was a nice friend. So i kinda let it go. mature for a 14 year old. But she still got a sweet tape.
I love all those tapes but to be honest i don't wanna go back. I like the internet and all that stuff now. I know i'm a 20 something in brooklyn i should suck vhs dick like it's vinyl and act all coo. First off all though vinyl is a superior medium sound wise to cassettes, cd's, and ipods. (that is actually true) vhs is inferior to dvd and alot of the internet now. so i;m not really into downgrading like that. after i convert everything i have on vhs to dvd. I'll either stick in my parents house (sorry dad) or through it in a closet. Possiably even get rid of them all by giving them away.
Vhs was coo but really and seriously we need to move on.


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