Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Best of Lists (afi part)

well two big lists came out. Or well two organizations put out several lists. Not sure how many there actually are out of them all but Entertainment Weekly and AFI both put out lists.
AFI's was the typical when there not doing the top 100 kind of list. Mostly cause I don't think we really care that much. this time it was several top 10 lists of various genres. Most were ok i guess. i never thought of court room drama as a genre. And Personally never cared that much for that genre. Mostly cause i see it like ALL THE FUCKING TIME ON TV!!!!!!!!! Like I don't watch reality shows in the theater. there are like 3 law and orders and then some other shows that i can't name cause i don't care about them. Point is really. like come on.
Then the animation list was like hey disney makes everything except apprently for Shrek. Which acording to afi is better then the iron giant. Which brings up the biggest thing. I know that we're only doing amercian films ok it's coo myasaki wasn't on there but no Brad Bird. Brad Bird is the best american animation director and might be the best in the whole dam world or at least one of the best. The incredbiles should have been on there and same with iron giant. Yeah maybe thats unfair but it's unfair that shrek go in there too. also no Dumbo. And the order ooooooo man. jesus. ok disney does take up most of the list no matter what but only one slot for non disney.(i'm counting pixar in the disney thing)come on give us at least like 2. maybe 3. and i'm gonna say this and i'm serious but the emperors new groove is the best disney movie post little mermaid. fuck yeah if you havn't seen it then go do so.

ew i'll do u later

least deserving to be on the afi





TITANIC (it's good but not that good)

Most Shocking to get on at all

Blue Velvet

Harold and Maude

city light number one in romantic comedy




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