Tuesday, July 01, 2008

wall e and a year of quickies

wall e is the kind of film you'll be hearing about for a long time and i mean that in an endering way. With very little dialouge but alot of character. it's really a great film and feels so intiamate it feels like a little film even though it cost like 180 million.
Pixar has made one of there better animated films. To miss this one is frankly really stupid. I know there are alot of real bad cartoons out there but this is pixar. And come on how many pixar movies have sucked anyway.
Wall e also has an amazing spirit and like most great films goes so quickly i barely noticed the lack of dialouge and all that. I doubt you will either. it's like a good silent film and a classic disney film rapped in one. just to be short go see it. there's nothing else this good around. not even close.

well ok iron man but thats not playing too many places anymore i think.

today is the year anniversary of the quickies. i figured i'd post the very first one in honor of this. whats crazy now we have 43 quickies. and then all that other stuff. anyway yeah can't wait til next year.


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