Wednesday, July 02, 2008

thank god Rose McGown and Robert Rodriguez are over

like the photo. so who do u think will marry u for a better career and who would be a really nice person. seriously think about it.
I now have proof there is a god. finally Robert Rodriguez's worst decision since like ever leaving his wife for Rose McGown has come to bite him in the ass.
I really am happy.
reasons why

1. they broke up cause there remake of Barbarella which rodriguez would direct and she would star in couldn't get off the ground cause she wasn't a big enough star. what you mean the chick who replaced somebody else i don't care about on CHARMED isn't a big star. come on

2. most likely they will not make a remake of Barbarella

3. Rose McGown has lost too much weight and was way hotter in that part in scream were you see her nipples. her looks totally jumped the shark

4. more work on sin city 2 and 3

5. most likely they will not make a remake of Barbarella

I don't understand why Robert Rodriguez did all this shit. did he forget Peter Bogdanovich. who had the same thing happen and now all his films blow. remember Rodriguez next time just say Peter Bogdanovich 3 times. (hopfuly beetlejuice will show up)
wow yeah i'm glad that bitch is gone. i mean she just annoys the fuck out of me. i don't really understand how she became like the bees knees all the sudden. hope that is over.

i man i feel better. i'm not sexiest i just hate rose mcgowen ( not caps for lack of respect).

also i think dance remixs of other you tube videos are funny. i really want someone to do that to a nockforce quickie. but i shouldn't cause nobody dance remixs there own shit on you tube.


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