Tuesday, July 08, 2008

guitar hero saying no metallica

before we start that. i wanna talk about something else. what is with people really wanting to be in charge and shit. Like there was a fire alarm at my work and this one lady was making sure no one could get back in until the fire department left. Sure this does serve a perpose. but like this lady wasn't a security guard and really just started doing this. what is with people and doing that. like do you really wanna control something. She was like good i need something to control oh wait oh my god yesss.
that's lame.
I'm sick of people doing the i want control thing. but my favorite part is when your like is this a control issue. there like that's completely silly your making this into something. now just do what i want and don't mention it again it's not at all.

apprently guitar hero metallica might not happen. that blows. How come we got guitar hero aerosmith. like aerosmith. you can't really rock that hard to aerosmith. maybe 70's aerosmith but i can't imagine rockin that hard.
Metalica however is a different story. so what the fuck. like and then guitar hero people sidelined the question like well no beatles either. ok ok i don't think we really wanted a guitar hero beatles. i mean i guess. but i'm kinda sick of all the beatles stuff. like that whole love thing. kinda pissed me off. not the show which i havn't seen but the album sure did. and ok the beatles are great ok but guitar hero is for rocking out with your cock out. and sorry beatles you guys arn't metal. sorry sabbath sure. but the beatles not metal.
anyway i want a fucking guitar hero metalica. that's it. no beatles, no aerosmith. if you want to put out a led zepplin or black sabbath or maybe ac/dc. like maybe. but i wanna fucking rock you know.


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