Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Is the Dark Knight that great or did everyone shot there wad too early

To answer the big questions yes i do like this movie. No it is not the best comic movie ever made. Yes Heath Ledger's joker is really awesome. No please stop comparing this movie to godfather 2 that is dumb cause batman begins is no godfather. yes it is better then batman begins. also this film is really coo but it is no best anything maybe like best batman movie but thats it.
I'll talk about the strenghs first and there are alot.
Acting wise Heath Ledger steals the show. He's amazing as the joker and i'm sure that oscar thing is possiable. But it doesn't matter cause we'll be talking about his performance longer then we will the person who usually wins best supporting actor anyway. He's just fun to watch on screen. All the tongue stuff and everything just awesome.
Gary Oldman was really good and did a great job as Gordon probably the best acting for someone to play Gordon.
The action sequences are really well done and fun to watch. espically the joker truck flip over sequence. they did a great job with those.
On the other hand
Ok those action sequences were all edited the same. like does there need to be a million fucking things happening in various different places every time. It just seems a little gimmicie. I mean we all love the end of return of the jedi with the cutting between 3 different places but they had other action scenes that were edited in different ways. so that everyone was fresher then the next. Same with the orginal batman they made them different giving you variety.
sure in the dark knight there all shot differently but i just wanted to concentrate on one at time some of the time.
Christain bale didn't really do it for me. i mean he's a great bruce wayne but when he talks in his silly batman voice that just sounds stupid. he sounds like he's playing batman for his kids or something.
i wanted more joker. i wish there was more with him. there really wasn't enough.
Also more character development would have been nice. after a while i felt like it was all plot or something. even though the movie is really long. i actually think a half hour of just character develoment would have helped.
But this is an improvement on the first one and shows were it is going with this franchise. i think this is the closet to an 80's batman comic we're gotten in any media. but it's not perfect. parts were hard to follow some times and the gordon being dead thing and then alive was too hokey for me. i kinda just wanted a simpler thing. i think if it was just joker and batman this movie could have been all those things they say it is.
but yeah it is good.

please everyone understand that blowing movies out or preportion doesn't mean it's great. i never hear american beauty or ordinary people brought up anymore and they won oscars. It's just let this movie sit a little then start doing that.

********LIST OF BATMAN STUFF FOR ALL TIMES***************************

I'm only doing movies but i still believe batman the animated series is the best batman thing ever bar none. Sorry it's just written better and is awesome nothing can even touch it.









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