Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ebert and roper replaced by some major tools

So Disney wants to take ebert and roper at the movies and take it in a new direction. but with out ebert and roper. also ebert and roper wouldn't take part in the new direction but the good news is that they're just gonna make a new show with the thumbs up which ebert and siskels wife own. so really nothing will change just less disney.
At the movies will probably become a really bland show. I understand disney which owns half of E! would love to have a syndicated show for the E! brand. With so few shows like that Like Acess hollywood, entertainment tonight, extra, the insider, tmz, the daily ten, and E! news. I'm sure people are hungry for yet another entertainment show with tons of promotional opportunities for there parent company.

The people they pick to replace ebert and roper are pretty bad. here we go

i've seen this guy on E! and i kinda didn't understand how someone who seems to know very little about film. is a resident film critic. i can't imagine this guy even knows who Felini is. Has he even seen anything made past like the 70's. i bet he thinks that there real coo or something. i looked on his blog and he has such parade magazine style head lines like "star of indie hit the wackness does not feel cool". Wow holy fuck are u serious. WOW.
He's also jeffery lyons son who hosts new yorks reel talk. which is a pretty good show. i wish his dad was picked instead. man i really wanna know what his favorite movie is so i can then laugh at him.

so this guy could go either way. On one hand he works for TCM. doing hosting during the day and on weekend days. actually i think he just does weekends. but he also does work for TMZ. soooooo yeah. but most likely he will suck cause TMZ i mean come on.


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