Thursday, August 07, 2008


yes i still have stuff from film school that is not online. but after this i have like 4 more things. I like to put these things out slowly. so don't expect another for a bit or not we'll see.
This is the first thing I have put up EVER on the internet from my first year. I really had to fight to get this thing made at the time. I had tons of problems with getting cameras and people to help. Then there had to be some reshoots. This probably the first film i had to really fight for.
Also this the only film were i actually got the rights for all the music to have in this. granted most of it is local small bands from towson. but hey minor threat i feel like thats something.
Really this film is inspired by when i went home for christmas and met up with a couple of friends i had before high school. I kinda realised that they were assholes. Really thats what this film is about.
Also i think it's kinda obvious but i was writing the first bunch of what would become cletus the fetus episodes while writing this. i think that this kinda reflects that.

after i made this. Alot of people hated it. But when i showed it in class all the kids loved it. My teacher hated it. even saying it was an artistic step down.
I realised that old people don't like this film but young people do. or from what i saw.


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