Sunday, August 03, 2008

awesome comic house by Rusty Hastings

I've driven by this house probably a million times on the way to Ocean City, Maryland. It feels like it has been up there since like 89 but on the drawing it says 93. I do remember one time on my way to Ocean City when I was reading X-men Adventures one. Which was the comic of the tv show. like each episode of the 90's x-men show was then re made as a comic. they weren't very good but i think i was like 8 or 9. so i was reading it in the back seat but they weren't that many lights so i would lean to the back of the window and read the comic with the reflection of the street lights which are kinda far between sometimes. So it took like a really long time to read.
Then i saw the house in the darkness. and it was fucking awesome.
Every year i like to see it. both ways. it's really highlight of the trip. I'm never sure where it is just some where between annapolis and ocean city. closer to ocean city.
I finally decided that this year i would go take pictures of the house. Mostly cause i have a fear that it will be torn down and i will never see those images again. I think they're awesome and i always wanted them recorded. I could find nothing on the house or the guy who drew them all RUSTY HASTINGS on google. on the house there is a phone number. which i didn't want to put on the internet and am pretty sure might not be his number anymore. So unforently i have never met this guy.
I hope he doesn't mind me doing this. I hope he doesn't mind and understand that i just couldn't let this not go some where and cover this awesome house he did.
Hey Kafka wanted all his stuff destroyed after he died. He asked his friend to burn it all and he saved it and then published it. So sometimes you gotta do that kinda stuff.
Sure it is kinda wrong and stuff. but i like the fact we have kafka.
Mr. Hastings if you really dislike it I'm sorry but yeah.
I'm not saying this stuff is as good as kafka or i am even that guy who published it but i don't know.
I just wanted to share them with people.

As for what this store is. I'm not sure, obviously it has something to do with collectables, comics, or something of that sort. I stoped there another time to slip a cletus the fetus flyer under the door. to like tell these people that I wanted them to see it. it said on there that it is was open only on sundays. I thought about going but never did. now it just says private property. so i guess it's just there. I wish i knew more about it. it seems cool.

This is probably everyone i talk to's favorite. I think it is pretty awesome. sorry the lighting isn't better.

it says if it's old and stinky we got it!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for photographing this house. I've noticed it for years and it may not be there much longer. I'd love to print in color, frame and hang together. No more room on my walls.

7:05 AM

Blogger Adele said...

Thank you for posting this, Jim. I stumbled across it on your site when I Googled Rusty Hastings, who is an old friend of mine. I'm originally from Ocean City, and I moved to Massachusetts about a year and a half ago. I haven't talked to Rusty in several years, so I thought I'd try to look him up online.

There are a few things you may enjoy knowing about him, since you are interested in his artwork:
He wouldn't mind in the least that you've posted his drawings here, in fact he'd be happy to see it.
His real first name is Burton, or Burt, but he prefers Rusty.
He has (or had?) a landscaping business in Ocean City, although he and his family are from Cambridge, MD, which is where this house is.
He's about 50 years old now, I think.
He's a good guy and a lot of fun to be around. I hope I run into him again sometime when I'm visiting home. Thanks for taking the time to share this. :o)

5:18 PM


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