Monday, July 28, 2008

NEW nockFORCE Quickie high horse also dark knight money

A super sweet quick quickie! ABOUT HORSES

hold your horses at

End theme done with the filipino kings

unforently playlists arn't working on you tubes but i will say if i could have made one then i would pick all the short cletus episodes like this one and that one and another one also this other one and yet another one and even this one

and thats it

oh wait more

so the dark knight is making fun millions and millions. it's smashied everything out of the water but I want it to break one record that nobody has brought up. ok i know that i said in a previous entry that i thought the 1989 batman film was still better. which i still stand by but i kinda want the dark knight to beat it cause i love huge super hero movies and i want this to keep going. It actually has beaten the 89 batman (making it the highest grossing batman film EVER) and will beat iron man like today but what about adjusted gross for the 89 batman. well i looked it up and it's $445,718,700. which really at this point could happen.
Regardless the dark knight has done an amazing job and really it's awesome to see a movie like the dark knight make truck loads of money. dark knight right now has made $314,245,000 in 10 fucking days. Do you think it will make it?


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