Tuesday, July 29, 2008

lethal weapon was awesome

until last nite i had never seen a lethal weapon movie. And i was missing out cause this thing was fucking fun.
sure it's like completly unrealistic and silly sometimes. But it was fun and i think lethal weapon just wanted to be a good fun action movie. and it did just that.
I think watching this film now is like watching stagecoach. everything came up with in this movie is cliche now. But really wasn't it even cliche in 87. so it's like beyond cliche. i don't know what beyond cliche is like if you were cliche then and now even more so. someone should come up with a word for that and the example would be this movie.
The leads playing off each other. Mel Gibson being the crazy (don't laugh) young cop and Danny glover being the older close to retirment cop. Works really well and defently helps the film move better.
The action sequences are almost cartoonie. actually there incredibly silly. like a helicopter chasing a limo in the fucking desert. who come up with that. like really and then there like lets film it. it will be huge. this movie is crazy.
if you like awesome action movies. see this movie.


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