Thursday, August 14, 2008

a cry in the dark and cletus

I mostly saw this cause of the dingo ate my baby line. Also cause the clips i saw of meryl streep in this looked good. All though she is good in it and so is Sam Neil. This movie is really nothing special. I've heard alot of people compare it to a tv movie. And that would be far.
I mean it is a well acted tv movie. And i guess it's a really good tv movie. but it's still a tv movie and that aint that great.
But you have to think about this case one thing. Often we as people let our own prejudice take us over and we just think fucking stupid things. One of those things was that this lady killed her baby. And made up a whole story how she did it that doesn't make sense.
It's really sad that people will do shit like that. they just got carried away but maybe if someone went wait a minute. that's really fucking stupid. I don't think it's people fear what they don't understand. I think it's if someone looks at you and doesn't like you they probably get all sorts of silly theories.
except racist cause there dumb enough to be racists so i can think whatever the fuck i want about how fucking stupid they are. haha

I made this in 2004. there was a real phelpstival. so i didn't make that up at all. I hope they do another one. this is the second phelps one and yeah.
I'm putting these things out like gangbusters right now.


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