Tuesday, August 12, 2008

king ralph and NEW CLETUS

I really only remember this movie cause my dad likes it. The guy barely likes comedies but he likes king ralph. Go figure.
I found this on dvd for 5 bucks. pretty good for king ralph. As a comedy it's kinda what an average comedy would be in 1991. But John goodman and the bizarre situation keeps this film moving. I think though the best thing about this film is that. Your like is this for real. That's what elavates this from just a normal ho hum comedy.
John Goodman is good in it
However I don't know why they thought this was believable cause really it is silly and impractical that an american would be the next king of englad. if it's just silly.
my gf was slightly offended by this cause she is english. however i think it's fun and like once in your life have fun and watch king ralph. You probably won't regret it just don't watch more then once in the same year.
burger king, king ralph promotion

yes i am putting cletus episodes up like nobodies bussiness. there's still another one after this one that is all ready up but you can wait til tomorrow. currently only 24 episodes arn't on you tube.
this one is worse then i remember it was and frankly now i wouldn't make it. but the end theme is coo.


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