Sunday, August 24, 2008

the rocker and new cletus

So over this week my work schdule is very erratic. so posts will be up later. but lucky for all you monday morningers. I am posting the nite before.
anyway first i wanna tell everyone that the movie the rocker totally bombed

They put this thing out on a Wednesday. I guess to have it make a little more by friday. well it made a total of $3,800,000 as on sunday. that is embaressing. I know that this is a left over from Fox Atomic that got thrown out there.
But still it finished 13th for the weekend. 13th. I can't believe that and the marketing campaign was crazy. i thought it would do a little better. maybe this will give the sign to rain wilson. WE DON"T LIKE YOU. I don't know if we ever liked you. I certainly didn't. I care so little about you that i don't care if i spelled your name right. In fact I'm mainly writing this so i can bring attention to how much of a failure you are in making your feature film debut. So that people will go man his movies are supposed to be bad fuck him.
anyway yeah the rocker loses


Yes i'm closer and closer to getting all the cletus episodes out. This one is the first of two twin episodes. which is kinda dumb of me. But I think this is the better of the two.

I'm trying to spread out the episodes so the last bunch I put up our some of the better ones. so yeah.


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