Monday, September 08, 2008

Video Music Awards and new Cletus

The video music awards pretty much sucked for the most part. Yeah the Lil Wayne performance was ok I guess. I like the one he did on FNMTV of a Millie alot more. it was still good though.
I realize that it's obvious the video music awards, now in it's 25th year. Probably should end. Espically considering it was held at paramount studios. Probably not for cost. because the parent company of both mtv and paramount is viacom. so they didn't even have to rent it most likely but hey.
I don't know it was lame.
oh yeah and apprently kids like not having sex cause of some promise ring. A promise ring, yeah ok. thats lame if those people really follow that then i feel bad for you. I've seen star wars more then 27 and have 20 tapes of mystrey science theater tapes and i still got laid in high school. your in the jonas brothers a huge boy band. and you don't get laid. sucks for you.

however kanye closed the show with such an awesome performance. It deserves to be at a better award show. it was coo. and i'll post it right here. until it gets taken off youtubes.

This episode of cletus is a later one but a good one. I like this one. I pretty much took a conversation of two of my "friends" and made it a cletus. But yeah i like this one


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