Friday, November 07, 2008

The End of King of the Hill and all the bullshit that goes with it

in case you havn't heard Fox cancelled King Of the hill in it's 13th season. Frankly the show is really over they all ready started rapping up story lines last season. So I'm not really suprised and really it was something that was gonna happen. All though it is sad to see one of the longest running shows end. (It was in it's 13th season.)

Soon after this everyone was talking about ABC picking them up so it could be a lead in for The Goode Family. Mike Judge's new show on ABC. The only thing though is ABC never said that Daily Variety said this "but launching a new toon is always a risky endeavor. Picking up one with a proven track record may be the way to go for ABC, which Daily Variety has identified as a likely suitor for King of the Hill." So really there was a suggestion to ABC. ABC never said shit. they never said they were intrested and to be real frank I doubt ABC gives a shit.
A non FOX network launching a cartoon. Has that ever worked out. Even when the network seems like it cares it never works out. The Goode Family probably will get dumped somewhere and air a few episodes and then be cancelled. like most major networks do with animated shows. So i seriously doubt they would want another animated show they have pretend to like before dumping to somewhere. ABC is the network of Grey's anatomy.
Anyway it came out yesterday that Adult Swim will be picking up king of the hill reruns. and that the line up will start at 10 pm with King of the hill. This makes sense as parents of younger children usually won't let there kids watch family guy but king of the hill will attract a younger audience for that time slot. So in the end it's coo cause now king of the hill will join adult swim and that makes it all alot nicer.
the show needed to end but at least it will be in a good place for reruns.


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