Monday, November 03, 2008

blair witch and new cletus


I saw this late halloween nite with the lights off and it's still an intresting film. I remember the first time I saw this I was 15 and I was taking my first collage film class that summer. So it has a little nostelga value for me.
Seeing it now I was suprised how influentical it was. Also certainly it works better then most of the stuff that it later influentced cause it makes sense they were filming. Most of the other stuff seems kinda forced. this works more naturally.
The acting is impressive when you think those 3 carry the entire movie. There all good actors but they fall into acting cliches. But they did a great job of using the camera. which its funny that real cinematographers can't do this good of a job with shakey cam.
however who you gonna get mad at the director wasn't there so yeah. but it works for a nice low budget film and it's still a really different film.

side note: Also this film costs 22,000 according to some. I remember reading that most was spend on a high tech GPS system to know where the actors were. Think how low it would be now.

I only have 12 cletus episodes left to put up
This cletus is funny even though we did the concept all ready.


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