Tuesday, October 21, 2008


To say this movie is current is kinda bullshit. The film doesn't go that far infact i think it ends at about 2004. Only kind of hinting at his eventual fall.
Also there was no scene about what happened during 9/11. We hear it talked about but we never see that day in this film.
Really what this is is an incomplete bio pic. There is no real ending to this story in the film and maybe there hasn't been for bush, Just not yet. But had it had an ending it would have been alot better.
Josh Brolin and Richard dreyfuss both give amazing performances and I hope Josh Brolin will get an oscar nomination. However that seems to be all for this film.
At some point it was a tv movie and then it was a film.
Also if you don't know the story then this film will work for you. if you don't then this film doesn't work as it more of a companion piece then a film. so maybe if your gonna see it see it now. so you don't forget all that stuff and you can still follow it. really this is lazy film making and they should have explained things better.
I will say this though. it does have a bit longer shelf life then Fahrenheit 9/11.


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