Thursday, October 09, 2008

rules of attraction

I got to see this movie for the first time and I liked probably more then I thought I would. I liked the kind of odd way it's cut together. Also it really reminds me of going to collage in the earlier part of the decade. All though the poster doesn't really do the film justice at all it's alot smarter then a film with all those people in usually is.
they do an awesome thing with two shots in the fram at the same time and have alot of nice visual gags and just fun stuff. in fact i kinda wanna see it again to see if i can find more stuff that i missed cause there's alot of stuff going on in the background of scenes and stuff. Really it's well made and in way a much better version of the film GO which kinda choked on it's on self importance. i don't point is see it. it's pretty coo.


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