Friday, October 03, 2008

You tube vlog promises

I've been watching a couple of v-logs. Which i guess stands for video log. wait a video log like a log that is a video. remember the log from ren and stimpy.
anyway i notice and not everyone but alot people promise footage from various things that they're gonna shoot or all these videos or something. Thats coo I guess but it takes you guys forever to do it. Really do what I do shoot a whole dam music video and not tell your fan base so that when it goes up it's a suprise. I do have stuff i have shot and not edited. but no one is expecting it so nobody is disappointed. and even me saying something is so un clear that you'll probably ignore what i just said. so stop doing that man seriously just put up videos. like thats all we want.
I'm not hating. I'm just saying


also I watched the vice president debate last nite. My biggest problem was the gay marriage thing. what the fuck dude. I also don't think anyway gay was really trying for the religion think. More so like legally. whats the big deal jesus. that relgion thing Biden said almost made me not wanna vote at all. bullshit man bullshit


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