Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Kirk Cameron some how makes a come back and new cletus

I remember like 9 years ago me and my friends would make fun of how lame Kirk Cameron was. Cause there was no way he would ever come back. He just seemed so dated. Also he's weird about relgion. He also got all weird when growing pains got to the end.
Anyway hsi film FireProof opened at number 4 at the box office this past weekend. It made 6.8 mil and it's per screen average almost bet the movie that got number one Eagle Eye.
It wasn't playing in that many theaters but they used the christain movie goer thing and it worked out. I don't really wanna see this movie but It's kinda odd that he came back. werid.

This is the first movie pardy i made for cletus. Really it's just cause I was pissed off how shitty the fantastic four movie was. I seriously told zero the concept recorded it and then animated it in one day. made in 2005


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