Wednesday, September 24, 2008

calling mom

So yeah I have put up another one of my films from film school. But don't worry cause I won't put out another one until at least November.
I made this film my first semester of my freshmen year. Really I didn't have the greatest first semester. Room mate drama. Taking my proficentcey exam like 7 times. In fact I'm not sure how many times I did take it. Failing it over and over again bascially beat my self confidence down alot. Later I found out through other people's exams that I was basically singled out. Other people got to pass with worse written essays then me. Eventually my english teacher steped in and helped grade it and I passed. nice guy.
Also I was not sure what to make films about and was pretty confused over the whole thing. However I knew that if fucked this up I probably wouldn't get this again. I just wasn't gonna give up. I still think thats lame when people tell me they left a school or something. Seriously it gets better.

I shot this mostly by myself. I found out how to hide mics pretty well. The scene with my and Jordan. Jordans mic was behind the computer. mine was above me in the bunch bed.
Amy and I are both wearing hoodies so i think that one's easy to figure out.

sorry the sound is kinda bad but this was the first time i recorded sound.


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