Tuesday, September 09, 2008

pumpkin ale and new cletus

I really like pumpkin ale. maybe it's one of the signs of fall. Which I guess just started but I have all ready seen pumpkin ale and drunk it. I think it's the whole pumpkin thing that makes it so fall like.
I can't imagine drinking one on the fourth of july. just wouldn't go well.
I don't know i like pumpkin ale it's coo.
Also the usually have some sort of neat label with a pumpkin doing something coo. sometimes though it's just orange or a picture of just pumpkin doing nothing. In my beer label i don't want realism. jeeez

This is one of the few I had to make different for you tube. The reason is, that when it was in flash it had alot of buttons that would redirect you to things and then it would repeat forever. You Tube can't do that. YOu can't click on things in the video that goes to other parts. also you have a time limit. so here it is in the you tube edition.
I like this one cause it was strange but i think worked.


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