Friday, September 19, 2008


every year critics complain that the oscars have very few films that the public have actually seen or care about. With the Oscar season just to start I suggest we try to and nominate Heath Ledger. Really at this point you have to. If you don't the public will go ape shit. If he doesn't win they'll probably go ape shit too but a nomination is the least you can do.
Also when was the last time the public cared so much about a supporting role. Really I know we're gonna go all smaller film (i will not call you indie cause you are not) but this is a good compromise. I even say put this film in the running for best picture also. Cause they always put some bullshit movie that nobody thinks shoudl win. such as Ray, the Queen, juno, the full monty. Sure The fully monty's good but really you know. So like in stead of Juno ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Just think about it.

But really Heath Ledger best supporting actor. I know it's early but you have to do it. really

also this was too funny not to post and i know i posted her yesterday but really too good too good.


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