Wednesday, September 17, 2008

total request live is over and untitled

So Total Request Live is over. Part of me is a little sad. Cause well as lame as it is to say now. In high school. I would come home and watch it everyday. The majority of videos. I just didn't like but when the one you did like came on it was amazing. When I left High School I rarely watched it. The last time I remember enjoying it was when eminem was on the day 8 mile came out. That was my freshmen year.
Really TRL had a hard time living past the late 90's and early 00's. It was too much of a part of what made that teen pop and rap rock thing so big. I always wished it had come out earlier. Cause it was a great idea to have a countdown show. I wish I had it in middle school or even earlier.
I also and as embaressing as it is to say. I think without Carson Daly. That show lost it's steem. The guy knew like every single artist on the countdown. I still rarely see people so comfortable being interviewed on mtv anymore. Also guests who sometimes spontaniously stop by. It would be fun cause sometimes you wouldn't know who was gonna be on.
Really the total request live that I knew and everyone like was from 98 - 02. That was really the era of teen pop and all that. After that it was really a shadow of it's former self.
You can look at me and call me lame. Which I'm sure most people who read this will think. But really I don't care. Cause I do know that anytime something big would happen suddenly everyone at school knew. You probably did watch it. Maybe not as much as I did. But yeah. oh well it was silly that was still on anyway. in the age of you tube and all. I guess it's just time to move on.

This is my first film thing I made at film school. orginally it was silent. but i put some tracks that I had lying around that we're gonna get used. I don't think it's the best thing I ever did or anything but hey content is good. Also ther are like 70 some vidoes on each playlist. other wise this would have never come out.


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