Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Saturday Nite Live still sucks alot of ass and NEW CLetus

Much like a post I wrote almost 2 years ago SNL is crap. And I love that everyone talks about how much the show has improved based on one opening sketch. I'd like to point out how bad SNL is. the last time I watched SNL they had dick in a box. But the shit sandwhich I sat through to get to dick in the box killed alot of my laugh brain cells. So it wasn't as funny. Really SNL would be awesome if they made one good sketch a week and put it on you tube. That other hour and a half is just painful.
Now this isn't Michael Phelps fault. Cause First the guy isn't a writer. Second he didn't have over 10 years of acting training. I think for what he was he did a good job. He wasn't going to be amazing but then again no one on SNL can swim as amazing cause they didn't have over 10 years of swimming training.
One of the biggest problems with SNL is weekend update which looks more dated then ever. Apprently no one told them the daily show and the colbert report are doing better then them 4 days a week. then they can in a week. Making them look kinda stupid.
Bottom line watching snl sucks. I watched the whole thing and it fucking sucks. I'm sick of that show. please cancel it. please it blows. seriously. Sometimes oyu have to throw in the towel. and yeah it's time.

This one came out way better then i expected at the time. Really I stole the idea of the main action being off screen while the audio looks at a still image from spongebob. But my lazyiness paid off. I think it is one of the stronger ones. Also Jordan's last appreance. Which I'm glad this was cause he did a really great job and it was a good way for Earl to go out.


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