Monday, December 18, 2006

I saw Saturday night live and it was ok at best

I think Saturday Night Live has been one of the funniest shows at times but this recent millenium it's just been ok. Tina Fey is not a good head writer and if you doubt me try and watch 30 rock cause I sure as hell can't. When she left And Seth Meyers stepped in I thought he would be really good but i mean it's better but not that much better. The digital shorts are the best thing the show has going for it.
The thign the is the saddest about snl is I've seen most of them do improv at the upright citizens bridgade theater and there all really funny. hillarious even. when they just improv. I think the big problem is snl is to concered with doing sketchs that are about something that happened that week. I guess being current works for the daily show and the colbert report but snl doesn't need to be that. What classic snl did well was just funny and you could watch it ten years later and it was still funny. I hope everyone who works on snl now buys the first season box set and watchs every single episode and learn that you don't have to make constant bush is dumb jokes (seriously it's beyond old now)and pop culter reffernces that happened that week are not nessary.

just be funny seriously thats all ever woundered why people like chapelle show so much.


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