Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Paul Newman's dead and SlapShot still rules

When most film people die I'm pretty comfortable what films get mentioned from there filmography. Paul Newman is often made into a saint. I have no clue if he was. I never really met him. However no man is a saint. despite how many salad dressing dollars go to needie kids.
Paul Newman was regualar dude and I'm sure most people will mention cool hand luke or butch cassidy but why not remember the film the guy liked the most. Yep it's true imdb quote
"Paul Newman has stated on many occasions that he had more fun making this film than on any other film he has starred in, and that it remains his favorite of his own films."

So suck it.
Basically I like this movie and it was fun to see him play the type of role he plays in slap shot. It's just awesome. I always hear about the sting and all the countless others. but who cares things suck right now go have fun and watch slap shot


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