Wednesday, October 08, 2008

money and watch me mack on some cheerleader chick

Since right now we're dying of the fat of debt was amassed over the years It's funny for me to look back. Even in 2002 I remember when people would say that when they got out in to the real world they would just take out a 20,000 loan and get themselves started or a 30,000 loan or even a 40,000 loan. Because everyone is in debt anyway.
I like when people blame polticans for this cause it's really a ton of peoples fault. Like sure it is also the polticans fault but all the people that took out loans for houses and cars and spending money they didn't need. Like what the fuck.
At the time I said what the fuck but now it's like yeah no shit that was stupid. I really never understood going under like that to have money. really if you didn't earn you shouldn't be spending it. not in all cases of course i'm talking about non essiential loans.

hey this has been on you tube for a bit and i'm sure i've posted the whole film but it's in four parts and i'm only in one so i'm just gonna post that part.
mostly cause i mack on this cheerleader chick. which is like the only time i will be able to say that. macking starts at 6:30


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