Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ROFO and the busher

my brother and i made this video on the way to a party when i was in maryland a little bit ago.

When i heard that TCM was programing silent sunday to do with baseball. I was hoping it just wouldn't suck. well with Felix the cat and this feature I can safely say it didn't at all.
I really like this film. About a small town boy who gets a chance at the majors blows it then falls on hard times. Really the plot you can figure it out. But the lows in this film are so extreme and harsh. I have no doubt that this kinda thing happened. or at least that they'd bring you to the majors and then get rid of you when they had no use for you. only to have to find ur own way home.
Charles Ray who does a great job as a leading man. apprently he was a big star at the time. I can see why cause he does make you sympathise with him. He's really good at making you want to follow this character. He was only a silent star and could never rebound his career.
This shows baseball the way it was then. which is a hell of alot different. but it's kinda fun that they had a parade when they came to town. but you know they didn't have TV then.
You could claim this is just a big mainstream film from the silent era. I think thats true but there really is something more about this film. I like the whole idea and how well done it is. I really liked it and if you like baseball or silent films you might wanna check it out. It's both fun and good.


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