Monday, February 08, 2010

Extract may not have been as good as I said

So I saw Extract for the second time this weekend. and really I didn't like it as much. I felt like alot of the stuff that I liked the first time just feel flat. Sure I was fine with this simple comedy before but now I think it was almost to shy. I liked certain parts. But like even Ben Affleck wasn't as funny as he was the first time.
However Mike Judges cameo seemed to make more sense. Obviously this is a joke that having the writer just suddenly show up as a character to get a conflict going and then disappear. thats funny.
I mean is it funny? sure in certain points it is. I still think it's better then the hangover but I havn't seen the hangover in a while. Compared to mike judges stuff I think its his worst film. and a lame imatation of king of the hill.
I've noticed the worst part about reviewing film is seeing stuff later and realising on second thought maybe not. that sucks. but maybe some movies shouldn't be watched more then once. Star Trek is perfect on dvd. Hell I could watch it over and over and over again. But then other stuff is fine watch only once in your lifetime. I think thats true for alot of movies. but hey theres alot of stuff out there you can't really see everything twice anyway. so really on most stuff it shouldn't come up.
But yeah extract not as great oo well. watch my original review below.


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