Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Oscar crap

so yeah i know we do this dance were we talk how they don't matter because they used to be better blah blah blah. well let me tell you something the oscars have always been shit in some respect or another. really it's a dumbass awards show and it doesn't matter that much. so chill out and have fun or just complain in the corner somewhere.

Good Stuff

-Up is only the second best picture nomination for a animated film. it's the first one from Pixar.

-Up ties with Walle for the most nominations by a single animated film with 6

-if Up win 3 awards it will be the most any animated film has ever won

- only 2 undeserving movies on the list (an education and The BlindSide)

- Possiably the best list of films for best picture in a long time

-District 9 getting a best picture and the other 3 nominations

- I havn't seen In the loop but i'm glad it got a nomination

- not pussing out for the hurt locker

Bad Stuff

-The blindside getting a best picture nomination (There is no way that movie is good enough to be up there. but i guess it will help ratings.I guess this is like when the nominate crap like the reader or frost/nixon. )

-Sandra Bullock getting an best actress (I guess since Julia Roberts has been MIA somebody had to take her place with the whole americas sweetheart thing.Both of her big hits this year were roles that Roberts passed on. Really i didn't much like Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock is just the Creed to her Preal Jam.)

-Nick Hornsby for best screenplay for an eduaction (The third act of that movie sucked really bad and apprently the book's third act was the same. not really sure why he's up for this. I guess cause he wrote a couple good films and books. but really the structure to those are spectacular. I think maybe cut down on the witty dialouge and write a good film. you don't see Kevin Smith but there soo)

- What the fuck Maggie Gyllenhaal. u serious

- Penélope Cruz i didn't hate her but i felt like this could have gone to maybe a good movie.

- Where the fuck is Ponyo

- The songs in the princess and the frog sucked really bad. how did it get two nominations. hey wasn't that lil wayne/eminem/drake/kanye song from a movie. why must we have such shit songs in this categorey. why not have some fun pop songs instead of the crap they usually have.

- I feel like they just give the same movies nominations and don't think outside the box on the techincal awards but then the acting is all over the place. I didn't love Away we go but it was shot really well. Kinda wish that could happen more same with the film ATL. it was very well shot regardless of the actual film. Since i guess it's coo to have a ok movie with a good performance get a nomination why not the same with the tecnical shit.

so yeah i'm gonna do a predictions thing much later and I'm really gonna pour over this silly nominations all day. but overall not bad. I'd say see most of the nominess. you don't need to see an education and the blinside but if you want to. personally i would see everything else in there over those two.


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