Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Observe and Report

I was kinda suprised by this movie. It's a dark mall cop movie. Which could be alot of bullshit. Forently this movie isn't. Much like how The Break up combines two people breaking up for a whole movie with laughs. This is more extreme. about a fat psychologically messed up mall cop with laughable dreams of being a cop. Sound really funny right.
In some parts it really is. In other parts it's not but more because it's a depressing. The main character Ronnie is alot like Travis Bickel from Taxi Driver. You can tell he doesn't quite have it all there. But you wanna follow him none the less. I actually think this may be Seth Rogens best role. I defently think it's his one with the most range.
The film isn't made or like a studio comedy. In may be shot like one but don't be fooled. This feels like a cult movie or an art house flick some how all these stars are in this. It's very odd some of the stuff they put in here but it really works. It reminds me of Heathers kind of dark comedy and it definitely has a strong Scorsese influence.
I know there were two mall cop movies release last year and this one was the one everyone forgot about. really this is the anti paul blart. Paul Blart was a big pg studio comedy. this is dark heart renching bizarre comedy. but i kinda think this one has more of a soul. Even as fucked as everyone is in this. It really has a voice you don't see from a lot of comedies we forget about in march. Pretty uncompromisng stuff. check it out.


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