Thursday, December 17, 2009

Terminator 2 review and golden globes

so what happened to the cameronathon. well I worked way to hard on this video. several days in fact. cause i wanted it to be really good. leaving not enough time to do a video a day. I'm gonna make one more then avatar. Sorry i didn't do more. i am a little disappointed in myself. but all his movies are movies that i have watched since middle school and they mean alot to me. so i wanted to do it justice. but hey at least i can do the other ones when his next movie comes out. in 2027

Yes I know there pointless but i do a blog post about it every year. so yeah.
no real huge suprises. I am personally suprised that avatar got on there. I think it has a really good shot at a best picture nomination. we'll see how well the x-mas break does for it.
Sandra Bullock is nominated twice for the blindside and The Proposal. That shows how bullshit these awards are. also nominated Julia Roberts. what really. I think most people below the age of 30 don't care about her at all and everyone above stop caring in 2003. She really hasn't done that much this decade. but another intresting thing. she turned down The Proposal and is nominated in the same categorey as Sandra Bullock for the role she turned down. ouch. also i really can't think of anyone who saw that duplicity movie.
Another intresting categorey is that former married couple Kathryn Bigelow and James Cameron are nominated together. hmmmmm. This will most likely happen at the oscars also. so it'll probably be a bigger deal then. but i doubt either of them will talk much about. i seriously think that is the first time that has ever happened.
I am alittle sad Ponyo didn't get a animation nomination. I personally wasn't all that in to coraline. I mean sure animation is great and i think it makes sense to nominate it. but Ponyo i mean first off it's a good Hayao Miyazaki movie. a great one even. I mean really dam. I know disney cares more about there other animated films up and princess and the frog. to care about ponyo. kinda lame.
I was suprised how much Inglourious Basterds got. and that the hangover got on there. which all though good. i guess everyone is gonna run this one into the ground. I'm sick of hearing about this movie. there were better comedies this year.
Also how come nobody talks about how 9 is a remake of 8 and half. like what's up with nobody saying that. i wanna be sick of hearing about that fact and yet i never ever hear anyone bring it up.

yeah so it's all bullshit til the oscars and really the globes don't matter. but really nothing is life matters. i mean do you think anyone is really gonna care what job you had a 100 years from now. yeah i really doubt it. so there you go the golden globes is like life pointless and meaningless but it's certainly fun to get in to it.

man i don't know if i can get away with that last part.


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